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Systems Inspections

Like an investor inspection, a system inspection is a limited inspection of a specific system, area or item. It can be as simple as just looking at a furnace.

These can of great benefit for a 2nd opinion when a contractor says you need this or that.

I can also be of assistance when a contractor has repaired on a problem twice and it still exists. I am less likely to have a preformed judgment of what is needed, so I look for the cause with a more open minded approach.

These are inexpensive and generally I donít write a report for these limited inspections.

Northern Inspections is an Atlanta, GA based Building Inspection company. We perform inspections all around the Atlanta metro area and the North Georgia region. If the zip code begins with 30 we probably go there, or will for a small additional fee. If in doubt, call us at 404-274-9435.