For Investors

For Investors, I offer Limited inspections.

Investors are often going to just flip a house or gut it and renovate. In these cases, a full blown inspection is not needed. Some investors just want a piece of mind inspection or have a specific concern, say a foundation issue that they are unsure of and want a more experienced set of eyes on it.

I will inspect just the area you designate. Each inspection is priced individually based on your inspection request. This can be a residential or commercial structure.

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Written reports will be stamped “limited inspection”. If you do not want a written report the cost is less.

Northern Inspections is an Atlanta, GA based Building Inspection company. We perform inspections all around the Atlanta metro area and the North Georgia region. If the zip code begins with 30 we probably go there, or will for a small additional fee. If in doubt, call us at 404-274-9435.