About Us

When you hire Northern Inspections to inspect your property, you are hiring me, the sole proprietor. You are not getting an employee who may not care about you, or care about getting future referrals for doing a great job.

I am a Home Inspector that has also graduated on to inspecting commercial properties. I have been inspecting properties for 14 years and have performed over 3000 inspections.

My inspections have ranged from $8,000 fixer uppers to $6 million dollar homes.

I have also inspected commercial property such as apartment buildings, warehouses, factories and whole shopping centers.

I am CABO (code) certified and a former member of ASHI and GAHI, the national and local home inspection trade associations.

My report is sent out the same day as the inspection, emailed to the client and realtor simultaneously. My report is in plain English, and does NOT have three pages of disclaimers as many firms do.

I provide a report summary (checklist) and offer unlimited email and phone consultation to buyers for as long as you live in the inspected property. This can be to talk about maintenance, repairs, upgrades, renovations, a contractor referral, etc.

I always point out maintenance issues, locations of filters, and shut-offs, etc. I give home buyer tips to all buyers and spend extra time with young or first time buyers.

Having renovated and flipped houses and been involved in subdividing land, I am much more knowledgeable (and therefore confident) than many inspectors. I do not have to cover my rear by recommending contractors inspect/service things I am unsure of. Why hire an inspector who recommends additional inspections, which also have to be paid for !

I inspect properties using MY knowledge/skills/experience, not a palm pilot like device like many so- called inspectors working for a franchise.

I have helped clients in disputes with shoddy contractors. I have passed several [Daubert] challenges in court as an expert witness. Being cross examined for hour by an opposing attorney quickly forces one to think quickly and concisely. My ability as a home inspector has now been proven to stand the real test, that of a court challenge.

I do what I do, well, because I like doing it, so for me it is not work.

Northern Inspections is an Atlanta, GA based Building Inspection company. We perform inspections all around the Atlanta metro area and the North Georgia region. If the zip code begins with 30 we probably go there, or will for a small additional fee. If in doubt, call us at 404-274-9435.